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Really Enjoyed This Game Good Graphics And Controls And Scary Atmosphere  Great Job.

honestly had me on edge the entire playthrough, I literally was so close to just exiting the game with how dark it. Great job I can’t wait to see the full experience!


This was such a great little demo and really left me wanting more!, the visuals and movements were really smooth and really satisfying haha, and the sounds, although not much sound the sound that was in the game made you feel uneasy and worried about what's around the corner, really great job and looking forward to full release you mentioned about it being based on a school in Russia maybe for the full version you could put more lore in to explain about the school that would be great other than that great work, gameplay is the 2nd game and they are chaptered so are easy to find, anyone taking there time to watch thank you! 
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Great demo! This game had me jumping out of my chair. Can't wait to see the full game!

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Creepy simple short horror game. Playtime is around ~5 minutes.

My playthrough:  


My thoughts on the game:

  • The dot in the middle of the screen is pointless.
  • It's unclear which floors are what levels.
  • I wish there were puzzles.
  • It's weird how the backpack is referred to as a briefcase and apparently the "headmasters backpack" is in some random classroom.
  • The backpack appears out of nowhere and it's kind of weird.
  • Can't you just jump out of the window once you reach the first floor?

Overall, a decent short horror game! I enjoyed the experience.

astonishing.The graphics,sounds,visual effects,lightings,and flashlight mechanism.Everything in this game was perfect,every single thing in this game was extremly nicely made.Huge respect to No Father Corporation

Such a cool game to play loved it cant wait for more games to come from you No Father Corporation Keep up the great work!!

I have also made a video on it come check it out

nice game!

I was really impressed with the lighting effects in this. Def a wild ride!

Great game, loved the level design and the scares inside. The music/sound added a little extra. I found the voice acting cute as well. Mouse was a little sluggish for me but nothing too bad. Experience was fun and spooky, thanks for creating :)

This was fantastic. I wish it was longer because I could play a full game like this! Awesome job!

the game is nice, but I would like you to improve the rotation of the view, I want you to make it more fluid and much more faster.

And improve the girl's voice, the one of the demo is very bad...

I really like the atmosphere. Is that a koala? I felt that it was insanely cute.

Why did you make me go back?

игра топ разрабы самые крутые и лучшие всем советую

Playing this game is really scary and creepy, plus the eerie noises the game makes when you progress make the whole playthrough scary and fun to play. Great work.  :)

Great game!

This game scared me so bad I legit got a headache from the last jumpscare lol seriously great work for the demo! Can't wait to see more of this! This was the last game in the video

great game loved the tension the last part got me. 

I really liked the flashlight movement in this it was really good, made the game scarier, good work :)

I really enjoyed your game. The scenery is very beautiful and the atmosphere of the game is also very good.

I'll be waiting for the full game :)

Gameplay PT-BR

This was so good, so creepy and I'm just excited for the full game now! 

Good Game !!! now real game

Comments below clip;

A very slick and sick game. In all the best ways possible. Can't wait to see/play/record the full game.

Very well done and kudos to all involved.

Had a truly great time playing this game, so kudos to all involved.

A great experience. The game really left me hungry for more! I think you maybe need to creep up the girl a little though. Atmosphere and sounds where on point, kept me on my toes all the way through! Loved it. You can check out my unique experience in the video below. Thanks for making this, massive credit to you

I played this game second and am excited about the full thing. The graphics are awesome, the flashlight is realistic feeling and nice to look at whilst also raising the tension. Overall pretty cool demo!

It‘s scary.

Thank you for your great work! It was so exotic atmosphere for me! Спасибо!

This game is awesome can’t wait for the full game please like and subscribe if you want to but if you do it will help the channel out a lot trying to reach 600 just a reminder 

ta chido

A seriously good demo. Hopefully we get to explore more of the school in the actual release, very exciting !! Jump scare was super well done as well.

I made a video on your game if you'd like to give it a watch :)

I enjoyed this short demo. Hopefully you'll add more later. 

Nice game. Very scary! 


Great Game, Great Scare, 10/10 want the full game.

I almost fell off my chair at the end. :O  Played here :)

For being a demo, this was not bad. Made a video on it.


Loved it!

love the game thank you 

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